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CWP is pleased to report that a paper co-authored by our CEO Gideon Richards along with Aimee McKanea and Tala Dayaa of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, California has recently been published in Elsevier’s Energy Policy Journal.

An abstract of the paper, entitled Improving the relevance and impact of international standards for global climate change mitigation and increased energy access is reproduced below.

The entire paper can be purchased here.


Substantial international cooperation will be required to meet the challenges of the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate change and UN 2030 Sustainability Goals. International standards can be an important tool for providing structure and guidance in rapidly evolving energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy (RE) markets, thus improving their positive effect on global climate and energy access goals.

This paper presents the key findings and detailed analysis from a 2014 survey of 378 standards developers and policy makers in 37 countries conducted by the International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO) Strategic Advisory Group on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources. This survey represents the first large effort by ISO to systematically seek external input in mapping policy and standardization needs in EE and RE markets.

The survey identified eight key findings, most notably a disconnect between policy makers and standards developers as a potential barrier to developing effective and relevant standards. Specific steps are described to support greater engagement of policy makers during the early stages of standards development and improve standard making outcomes. Greater dialogue and better coordination is needed among standards, as well as between standards and related policies in order to achieve this potential and to make positive contributions to the broader goals of policy cohesion.

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