Renewable Energy Consultants – Helping Your Project to Run Smoothly

Our renewable energy consultants understand that project development can be complex, and without a clear vision of the options available to you, it can be hard to find the best solution. Environmental legislation, regulations and permitting regimes can add another dimension of complexity to your project and having the relevant knowledge of these areas is essential.

Our experienced renewable energy consultants have a long track record of developing successful on and off-site renewable energy projects – helping clients to be green, reduce energy use and cut carbon emissions. We work across all renewable technologies and scales of deployment; from kilowatts to megawatts, we can advise on every aspect of the project process from technology selection and project financing to contract tendering and permitting.

Our consultants are dedicated to helping clients get the best possible project results with consideration to environmental legislation and regulations. Whether you wish to maximise FiT and RHI potential, cut carbon emissions, reduce energy use, meet renewable energy generation targets or cushion your operations from pricing spikes in the fossil fuel markets, it makes sense to have experts on your side.

Go ‘Green’ with the Support of our Experts

From concept to commissioning and at every step in between, CWP’s renewable energy consultants can help you to ‘green’ your operations, by supporting you in the development of your renewable energy project; helping you to reduce energy use, cut your carbon footprint, and achieve your environmental, financial or social objectives.

Whether your project is complex or simple, large or small, we will provide you with a carefully considered solution to meet your needs, schedule and budget.

From Feasibility Studies to Environmental Legislation and Regulations
– We Offer it all

We can show you which of your available options are the most viable, cost-effective and will give you the best outcomes. We do this by combining many different strategies, including:

  • Project conceptualisation and blueprinting
  • Feasibility studies
  • Site surveys and options appraisals
  • Stakeholder engagement activities
  • Planning and permitting services
  • Community consultation activities
  • Environmental legislation and regulation advice
  • Fuel supply chain development
  • Financial modelling
  • Funding advice

Our renewable energy consultants offer a bespoke and professional service, helping you to reduce your energy use and satisfy environmental legislation and regulations – contact us now to discuss your project and requirements.