Community Renewables – from Wind Energy to Solar Power

From a community owned wind turbine to a rural biomass district heating scheme and anything in between, if you’re seeking support for any on-site renewables or community renewable energy projects, CWP is ready and waiting to offer assistance.

The definition of ‘community’ is broad, it could include a village or market town, it could be a school or parish council, it could even be a business. Whatever the structure of the community, the common thread is usually the desire to break away from an expensive and carbon intensive energy system and instead to adopt a decentralised model capable of delivering far reaching social benefits in addition to the obvious environmental and economic outcomes.

Although government funding for community renewables has been withdrawn in recent years, other project financing options remain to be explored. At CWP we can help you to identify potential financing routes and provide you with a detailed financial model for your project that factors in potential FiT and RHI income.

Community and On-Site Renewables – Your Options

On-site renewables have come a long way over the years; wind energy, solar energy, biomass, anaerobic digestion and hydro power are just some of the options that communities, groups and business can consider. The type of renewable energy you choose will depend on your ultimate goals and objectives and our experienced renewable energy consultants can help you to weigh up the benefits between wind energy, solar energy, or anything else you may be considering. We can then help you to implement your project smoothly and efficiently.

Our Community Renewables Services:

At CWP, our staff and associates are seasoned community renewables practitioners with a strong track record of developing these projects. We can help in many different ways, such as:

  • Training and awareness raising events
  • Technology briefings
  • Feasibility studies, options appraisals and project development plans
  • Funding advice
  • Stakeholder communications
  • Financial modelling
  • Tendering support
  • Planning and permitting support
  • ESCO advice
  • Project Management support
  • Exploring options; wind energy, solar energy, biomass, anaerobic digestion, hydro power

We’re always keen to support community renewable projects in any way we can, so why not call us on
+44(0)1484 514761 or contact us via the link to discuss your needs?