Meeting Quality Assurance Objectives with Standards and Certification Schemes

Standards and their application within in the renewable energy sector is a core area of expertise at CWP; we help to shape and deliver standards both nationally and internationally. We strongly believe that well written standards and effective certification schemes provide a crucial quality assurance framework for the industry. As the deployment of renewable energy technologies increases both nationally and globally, it is critical that growth is underpinned by meaningful standards in order to provide consistency and confidence in the market.

Standards are developed on a consensus and stakeholder basis and CWP have actively participated in numerous international standards committees, pushing for well written and meaningful standards for the industry. Standards on their own may be ineffective unless they have accredited certification schemes behind them, ensuring dissemination across the industry and most critically wide ranging uptake.

We have played a key role in developing the UK Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), our CEO Gideon Richards having been involved with the scheme since its 2006 inception until his departure as Interim CEO of the MCS Service Company in December 2017.   CWP also work closely with the United Kingdom Accreditation Service to provide Technical Assessors and Experts for accrediting renewable energy, sustainability and energy performance in the built environment schemes. We work closely with UKAS on the Microgeneration Certification Scheme, pilot Green Deal Scheme, Code for Sustainable Homes and Energy Assessor Schemes and provide environmental auditing services were required.

Environmental Auditing Services and Meeting Standards

While it is important to promote renewable energy products and services to a national and international audience, it is also imperative that you meet the standards laid out by the relevant statutes and governing bodies.

Working in an advisory and pro-active capacity, we can offer environmental auditing services and we can help your organisation to explore all of the appropriate standards and certification schemes that your renewable energy product or service is subject to. This will allow you to meet your quality assurance aspirations and work towards operating responsibly within the industry.

Our Standards and Certification Services:

  • Development of product, service and fuel standards
  • Strategies for standardisation in government and industry (for implementation of legislation and regulation)
  • Development of Certification Schemes
  • Provision of technical assessors and environmental auditing capabilities
  • Provision of international strategic advice
  • Advice on standards and certification
  • Development of Quality Assurance Systems

We have worked with a variety of organisations on standards, certification and accreditation issues. Examples of work include:

  • SAG-E (strategic advisory group on energy efficiency and RE)
  • ISO/CEN committees through BSI
  • UKAS
  • MCS

For advice and help with understanding how standards and certification work and the impact they could have on your renewable energy product or service, please feel free to contact us here at CWP.