The Road to Power (2019)Climate change and air quality concerns have seen successive UK Governments lay the foundations for electrified road transport but 2018 brought forward major developments in this field.  In 2019 a firm policy commitment was made to end the sale of new petrol & diesel vehicles by 2040, a Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund worth £400 million to 2020 was announced and new legislation was enacted to regulate the emerging electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure market.

The National Grid has predicted that UK stock of EVs could hit 2.7-10.6 million by 2030, increasing to 36 million by 2040.  This is a massive rise from estimated 2019 levels of around 212,000 EVs on the road.  Existing EVs are currently served by somewhere in the order of 18,685 public charge points, so if the National Grid’s projections are correct then a significant expansion of charging infrastructure will also be vital.

An opportunity now exists for public sector and community organisations across the UK to prepare for the predicted “electric vehicle revolution” by providing new or upgrading existing EV charging facilities to their sites and to assist, CWP Ltd has prepared The Road to Power, a paper which offers insights to public sector and community organisations on a range of topics including:

  • Electric Vehicles
  • Charge Point Technology Options
  • Costs
  • Access & Payment Methods
  • Ownership & Deployment Models
  • Siting Considerations
  • Co-location with Renewable Energy and Energy Storage

We have experience of supporting clients in deploying EV charging infrastructure both in isolation and also integrated with renewable energy and energy storage systems.  To help our clients realise these projects we have developed a sophisticated financial model that can provide annual and 20 year cost profiles with payback and cashflow forecasting.   The strength of the model is in its flexibility and management of parameters; whether it is the type of charge points being modeled, the battery size of the vehicles or the profiles of the charging stations, our model has it covered.

If you would like a copy of The Road to Power please click on the link below to download it as a .PDF file.


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