CWP BOOKSHELF: Empires in Collision: The Green versus Black Struggle for our Energy Future

The Government’s energy policy decisions have come under heavy criticism over the last seven days following the publication of a report outlining the findings of the Select Committee investigation into investor confidence in the UK energy sector.  The report raised serious questions about the Government’s plans for meeting long-term carbon objectives highlighted by decreasing of support for renewables, a reliance on the parlous Hinckley Point nuclear power station and a return to carbon intensive gas fired electricity generation.

It is perhaps timely then that David Howell – Lord Howell of Guildford – has this week published his latest book, Empires in Collision: The Green versus Black Struggle for our Energy Future. The book talks about the “fiasco of UK energy policy” and outlines how we got to the unsettled present and the challenges, both global and local, that lie immediately ahead. 

The publisher’s blurb gives a flavour of what to expect from this book which will certainly make it’s way to the CWP bookshelf.

 “The energy world is dangerously divided between the fossil fuel producers and the environmentalists. It’s becoming a head-on fight between the world of still plentiful oil, gas and coal we currently live in and the low-carbon future for which more and more governments and peoples are aiming. It is a contest that affects everything – world poverty, the rise and fall of governments, Middle East stability, environmental catastrophe, the largest businesses in the world – and your ability to work, to get the children to school and to heat your home.  

Neither side can win outright. The answer is co-operation, not conflict”.

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