Gideon Richards

Gideon is the founder and CEO of the renewable energy and sustainability consultancy CWP Ltd. Prior to founding CWP Gideon worked as a Management Consultant providing consultancy on multi-million pound projects to large and small organisations across a variety of sectors including manufacturing and food supply chain management.

Gideon’s expertise in the renewable energy sector covers a range of technologies but he is particularly well known for his involvement in the renewable heating and cooling sector and in the development of sector specific standards. Gideon has played a key role in UK Trade Associations; he was a founding member of the UK Pellet Club, the trade body for the UK’s emerging wood pellet manufacturing base. After overseeing the merger of the UK Pellet Club with the Renewable Energy Association (REA) Gideon became the Heating and Cooling Sector Advisor for this major renewable energy trade body.

Gideon has a deep knowledge and understanding of the UK and International renewable energy standards arena. Until recently he was the chair of the BSI’s Technical Committee for Solid Biofuels and Solid Recovered Fuels Standards and was involved with the start-up of the ISO TC238 Solid Biofuels Standards and the ISO PC248 Biofuels Sustainability Standards. Gideon sat on the ISO Strategic Advisory Group – Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (SAG-E) as the BSI representative to provide particular experience of the renewable energy sector for the group, who mainly came from the energy efficiency sector.

Gideon is the former Chair of the MCS Steering Group and former Interim CEO of the Microgeneration Certification Scheme Service Company and has played an important role in helping to shape the MCS since its inception.

Contact Gideon:
+44 (0)7976 734 603