CWP’s CEO, Gideon Richards, is a co-founder and Director of IRECO.  Our global work and expertise in Quality Infrastructure and engagement with global stakeholders and international institutions, such as the UN’s Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) and Sustainable Energy 4 All has led Gideon and CWP to develop an international, independent verification and 3rd party certification scheme structure in the new and renewable energy sectors.

IRECO is intending to cover installation companies, operation and maintenance activities, products and their manufacturing. The scheme will cover, pico, micro, medium and large size businesses, across all the sectors, technologies installer competencies and product quality.

By establishing a global verification and certification scheme that recognises existing schemes as equivalent or part equivalent; IRECO is set to open the doors for confident trans-boundary trading, supporting governmental and other stakeholder fiscal and non-fiscal support mechanisms, product and workmanship warranties and business approaches.

Although IRECO is in the early stages of development, it has already been recognised as a key international organisation to support the deployment of new and renewable energy by the UN Foundation’s Energy Access Practitioner Network – Towards Achieving Universal Energy Access by 2030 report published in 2012.